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Study Notes

Configuration Registers

2015-07-04 22:44:50

The global configuration command - config-register is used to modify the behaviour of the router. Weather or not it boots from saved configuration. Weather or not it boots from the flash or the boot-proms.

In summary these Boot Registers are quite handy:

The value range is from 0x0 to 0xFFFF.
0x2102 is the factory-default configuration register value.
0x2142 boots from flash without using NVRAM contents good for password recovery.
0x2101 boots from boot prom image not flash, good for upgrading image on flash.
0x2141 boots from boot prom and ignores NVRAM contents.
0x141, which disables the Break key, ignores the NVRAM configuration, and boots the default system image from ROM.

Study Notes
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Configuration Registers
2015-07-04 22:44:50

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